There are everyday activities you can do to promote your physical health and boost your mood. Taking the stairs every day in the parking garage and in the hospital is a great place to start. Many smartphones have pedometer apps such as the Pacer app which allows BMI, weight, and blood pressure monitoring as well. You can purchase a FitBit and challenge yourself to 10,000 steps per day (equals ~ 5 miles). Doctors are competitive! A great way to motivate overnight teams can be team challenges: which team can fit in a mini-workout or which can climb the most stairs, walk the furthest?

  • Yoga classes (link to classes at CMSRU and through MD Anderson)
  • P90X
  • Free online yoga videos 
  • Free exercise videos, like FitnessBlender and TumblrGym
  • KROC Center, located at1865 Harrison Ave, Camden, NJ, 08105. Call 856-379-6900
  • Rutgers Gym
  • Charted walks through Camden
  • Ongoing work to find in-house space for gyms

Walking Routes

Take a moment for yourself or gather friends for the following area walking routes. Click on the route name for a map, or click here for a combined map of all routes.