Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Available Positions: 2

The Interventional Cardiology Fellowship is a 12-month training program in cardiac diagnostics, hemodynamic and interventional angiography, intracardiac ultrasound, IVUS, physiologic flow monitoring, FFR, CFR measurements, etc. An additional three months of training covers Vascular Interventions and other Vascular therapeutic methods. Peripheral and carotid training is incorporated throughout the 15-month fellowship and includes training and rotation in the Vascular Surgery Department, a rotation in the vascular noninvasive lab and vascular medicine.

The trainee will participate in well over the required 250 percutaneous interventions during the 12-month period. Responsibility is advanced gradually depending on the individual trainee's ability and motivation. The Division of Cardiovascular Disease at Cooper University Hospital offers four state-of-the-art digital cardiac catheterization laboratories where over 7,000 procedures, including 1,300 interventions, are performed annually. Two separate electrophysiology laboratories, a 24-bed outpatient monitoring unit, and a special critical care unit for inpatient angioplasty patients are also available.

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