Life Outside the Hospital

  • Find ways to value the precious little time you have to yourself. Hire a maid so you don’t waste a few hours cleaning and you come home to a clean house. Bundle your chores and do what you can online.
  • Use Errand Solutions! Located on the first floor of Dorrance, they offer many convenient services and are open Mon-Fri 7:00-5:00. Examples include shoe repair, battery replacement for watches, post office, ordering flowers/gift baskets to be sent anywhere in the world. You can order cakes which are delivered to Cooper or its affiliates or food from local restaurants which can be charged directly to payroll (Short Hills Deli, Good Foods to go, Pat’s Select Restaurant). There is a dry cleaner that picks up and drops off Tuesday and Friday. They also offer discounted tickets for the zoo, Franklin Institute, theaters among many others. You can access through Departments -> Errand Solutions to see a full list of their offerings.
  • Find clever ways to integrate family and loved ones. Consider occasional family dinners in the hospital when residents are on call.
  • The gift shop is an option to pick up a few quick things like toothbrushes or razors.