Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR)

Cooper is approved for two ESIR positions for the fourth year of residency.

What is ESIR?

The purpose of ESIR is to provide an alternative path for DR residents who identify an early desire to enter into IR. ESIR is a modification of the curriculum in a DR residency. The establishment of a uniform ESIR curriculum at participating DR residency programs will ensure that these residents obtain adequate IR training. ESIR training requires residents to rotate in 12 IR or IR-related rotations during PGY2-5 with documentation of 500 IR or IR-related procedures. DR residents that complete the prescribed ESIR training and satisfy the IR procedural requirements will be eligible to receive credit for the first year of the Independent IR Residency and enter directly into the second year of the Independent IR Residency program at their institution or another institution, thus still being able to complete training within six& years. These residents will enter via the NRMP independent residency Match. The independent residency programs can choose from a pool of ESIR qualified DR or conventional DR candidates.