On-call Facilities and Clinical Support Services

All residents are provided adequate, private on-call facilities. Residents are provided a secure call room, above Labor and Delivery, which consists of a bed, desk, television, and appropriate lighting. A computer, with access to the Internet and Intranet, is available for use 24 hours per day in several of the call rooms. Bathroom facilities are located down the hallway. The rooms are cleaned and stocked every day, including weekends. Additionally, an obstetrical resident workspace, located on Labor and Delivery, is fully equipped with computers, a television, sofa, and bathroom facilities. Locker space is provided in the lounge area. There is a separate gynecology workspace dedicated for the gynecology team above Labor and Delivery as well, equipped with multiple computers, beds, and television. Office space is made available to the residents in the Women’s Care Center. There is also a general resident lounge located on the first floor of the hospital which is shared amongst all specialties and includes multiple computers, refrigerator, microwave, coffee, sofa, television, and tables.