NJ SDOH Hackathon 2023

With guidance from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Cooper will host a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Hackathon in 2023. This event brings together stakeholders from across New Jersey to look at ways in which health IT can improve the lives of those in underserved communities.

This initiative will not only bring together IT and healthcare professionals, but also benefit from contributions from various fields such as social work, education, housing, nutrition, workforce development, law, and business. We believe there is opportunity for inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs to help bridge the social divide using health IT and this Hackathon is the ideal platform to facilitate this collaboration.

Who: Cooper University Health Care supported by a range of local, regional, and national partners in the community, government, and business sectors. While all are welcome, we especially encourage those bringing diverse perspectives from the health care, education, non-profit, or corporate sectors to participate. 

What: A social determinants of health-focused Hackathon will bring together multi-disciplinary teams from across New Jersey to create tech solutions to address issues of equity, access, and chronically poor health outcomes for underserved and marginalized populations.

When: Registration is now open! Participants and sponsors can use this link to register NJ SDOH Hackathon 2023 – Tech for Social Determinants of Health (cloudevents.ai) Participant registration will remain open through October 20, 2023.

Where: The Hackathon event will be held virtually over the course of several weeks. Presentations, competition, and the awards event will be held in Camden, New Jersey on Friday, November 10, 2023.

Why: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines social determinants of health as "life-enhancing resources, such as food supply, housing, economic and social relationships, transportation, education, and health care, whose distribution across populations effectively determines length and quality of life."  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 84% of health outcomes are attributable to a combination of factors that fall under social determinants of health. 

Exacerbated by Covid-19, SDOH barriers have never been more pervasive nor effected more people across the U.S. than today. This Hackathon is looking to fulfill the promise of real-world data and innovative thinking to address SDOH.

Cooper University Health Care - New Jersey SDOH Hackathon 2023
Source: KFF

Category One

Category Two

Category Three

Economic Stability

Neighborhood and Physical Environment


Community and Social Context


Health Care System




Medical Bills 








ZIP Code/



Early Childhood Education

Vocational Training

Higher Education

Social Integration

Support Systems

Community Engagement





Access to Healthy Options

Health Coverage

Provider Availability

Provider Linguistic and Cultural Competency

Quality of Care



Mortality, Morbidity, Life Expectancy, Health Care Expenditures, Health Status, Functional Limitations

* Addition from CUHC

How: Expert judging panels will decide the winners of each three (3) SDOH categories and in turn, each will receive financial awards as well as access to technical, financial, and research support.

Hackathon Timeline

September 15:              Registration opens (individual and teams)
October 8-11:                National kick-off at HLTH Conference - SDOH panel
October 9-October 20:  SDOH and Microsoft training sessions

October 25:                    Registration closes and Teams Formed
November 6:                  Projects submitted to Judging Panel(s)
November 10:                Presentations, competition, and awards event at Cooper in Camden

TBD:                               “Shark Tank” style competition for the finalists at a national health conference

Sponsors and Partners

Cooper is actively seeking additional corporate, education, health care, media and non-profit/CBO sponsors and partners. We have already welcomed as partners the Camden Coalition, Rowan University, Microsoft, NJHF, NJII, HLTH Foundation, HIMSS, and ONC.

How to Get Involved

Registration is open at NJ SDOH Hackathon 2023 – Tech for Social Determinants of Health (cloudevents.ai). If you have further questions, please email SDOHHackathon@cooperhealth.edu/


FREE for general participation

Corporate team participation fee: $1,000
Non-profit (and SMEs >50 employees) team fee: Free

Discounts offered for sponsors' teams.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold        $25,000   Anchor Sponsor, Panel Judge, Speaking Opportunity, Pan-Visibility, registration of up to five teams
Silver       $10,000   Panel Judge, Speaking Opportunity, Pan-Visibility, registration of up to two teams
Bronze     $ 5,000    Pan-Visibility (event signage and recognition, media coverage, etc.), registration of one team

Networking Reception Sponsor (2 available)    $4,000

Event Only Exhibit Hall Table Sponsor (6 available)     $3,000

Lanyard Sponsor (1 available)    $1,000 - SPONSORED

*For-profit teams will be assessed a nominal fee to participate. These funds will directly support the event.