Educational Conferences

Education conferences include a variety of didactic lectures series and platforms. There is protected time for resident education through scheduled monthly didactic lectures covering AP and CP core curriculum primarily given by the faculty. Resident presentation skills are developed through regular presentations including AP grand rounds and CP case conferences.

The didactic lecture content will include fundamental and advanced topics generally repeated every 2 years, such that over 4 years a resident will have experienced these sessions twice at various stages of training. Additional regularly scheduled conferences at other times include Intradepartmental Pathology Case Conference, Pathology Grand Rounds, Brain Cutting Conference, Autopsy and Gross Conferences, Autopsy/Forensic pathology talks via the Medical Examiner’s Office, Tumor Boards, and Hematopathology Education Conference.

Sample of a Weekly Formal Conference Schedule

Monday Clinical Pathology Core Curriculum Lectures, weekly
Tuesday Quality Assurance-Quality Control meeting, monthly
Thursday Anatomic Pathology Core Curriculum Lectures - Slide Seminars, weekly Journal Club – 4th Thursday, monthly Pathology Grand Rounds – 2nd Thursday, monthly