Awards and Recognition

22/23 Faculty Teaching Award


Corey M. Mossop, MD

22/23 Resident Leadership Award

ajAlejandro J. Lopez, DO


We want to recognize our program Administrator, Lauren who has gone above and beyond to make sure the new Cooper Neurosurgery Residency program runs smoothly, and the residents receive the best possible education. Throughout the year, Lauren has been instrumental in ensuring all program requirements are met and our residents receive the best possible training. Lauren is always on top of new developments and ensures that our program is up to date with the latest information and changes. Lauren is a great team player, helping out whenever needed and always willing to lend a hand. She is also very passionate about the program and is always looking for ways to improve it.

We are proud to recognize Lauren as Cooper's November 2022 Employee of the Month and thank her for her hard work and dedication. Congratulations!